Gran Turismo Sport Direct-Feed PS4 Pro Screenshots Are Easy To Mistake For Real Life

Gran Turismo Sport is currently undergoing a closed beta on the PS4 and the second round of beta invites were just sent out. These invites are available to PlayStation Network users in North America and will gradually roll out to other regions including Europe.

If you haven’t seen the beauty of Gran Turismo Sport, you should check out these animated GIFs from the game that showcase the visuals in replay mode. Now we can have a look at the game running the PS4 Pro thanks to users who have obtained a closed beta code.

These screenshots below were shared by NeoGAF user anddo0 and GT Planet user . You can check out some of their work below or the check out the full album from here.

GT Sport beta album

Gran Turismo Sport is from Polyphony Digital who are always known to be the pioneer of visuals and game design when it comes to racing games. Their work on Gran Turismo Sport is nothing short of amazing and despite the game still being in closed beta, it appears to put many other similar racing games to shame.

Gran Turismo Sport is currently set for a release this year on the PS4. There is no confirmed release date yet but expect to hear about it soon at the upcoming E3.

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