Grand Theft Auto Online is apparently corrupting saves of its users

Grand Theft Auto Online just launched a few hours back and it seems we are getting reports of save getting corrupted by playing Grand Theft Auto Online. Reports of corruption have popped up on all major gaming sites including NeoGAF. People are reporting their character saves getting corrupted to even their single player save getting wiped out.

Grand Theft Auto V has sold millions of units so it wasn’t surprising to see the servers getting under load right on the first day. But what’s more shocking was the fact that some people started facing save file corruption or character save corruption after being unable to connect to the Online server.

Rockstar did warn players earlier that there may be potential issues at the launch of Grand Theft Auto V online because of the large quantity of users.

According to the various users on the popular gaming forum NeoGAF, Grand Theft Auto Online has messed with their game and has resulted in corruption of their saves. Corruption was faced by a variety of users and it doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific platoform. We don’t know the actual reason of corruption yet. Below are some of the posts of the users who faced corruption.

My system froze during GTA Online and after restarting it now says my save file (offline) is corrupted… Infuckingcredible!

lol one of my SP saves is corrupted now

Even Tweeter is not free from this as people have started tweeting about their saves getting corrupted.

While this might effect a minority of people, it is highly adviced to make back up of your main save file in case it gets corrupted.

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