Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold-In More Than 52 Million Copies, 4th Best Selling Game Overall

Take-Two recently released their fiscal result for the year 2015 and it was mostly positive. They also announced that Grand Theft Auto V has now sold more than 52 million copies worldwide, making it the 4th best selling game of all time behind Wii Sports, Tetris and Minecraft.

This result shouldn’t be surprising as GTA V was just released on the PC last month after getting a re-release on the PS4 and Xbox One last year. The game broke new sales record on Steam despite being a delayed release and reportedly sold close to a million copies in a single day on PC.


Grand Theft Auto V originally launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. It broke new sales record on these consoles, generating more than a billion in revenue for its publisher Take-Two Interactive. It was later ported to the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 and also showed strong sales on both platforms. The PC release was the last one, getting delayed to a April 2015 release, but it still broke sales record on PC by beating the most con-current users record that formerly belonged to Skyrim on Steam.

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