Grand Theft Auto V’s Kifflom Program Puts Your Face In The Game

Rockstar Games, developers behind this year’s soon to be release blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V have introduced a new promotion that puts your face in the game. The Kifflom Program is basically a type of casting event that will allow fans of the game to have one of five Epsilon Program members be designed around them (via ThisIsXbox).

The winners of the Kifflom Program will also be involved in other promotional events till the game’s release in September.


You can read all about the Kifflom Program and how to take part in it on it’s official website.

Grand Theft Auto V is so far confirmed for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17th 2013 worldwide but rumors suggest that the game will be announced for other platforms soon including the Nintendo Wii U, PC and next generation consoles including the next Xbox and the PS4.

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