Grave Demo Coming Soon To Consoles

After a successful kickstarter for the console version of Grave, Broken Window Studios have revealed that a demo version of the game will be available for download later this year. However, donors who chipped in during the kickstarter will get an early access to the upcoming demo of the game.

Grave is a first person survival horror game which fans might have already played on the PC. Players start off in a desert where they explore the desert and see what it has in store for them but during the night, everything takes a turn for the worse. In the game, Light is your only friend as light repels the monsters that go bump in the dark. The light gives you a fighting chance and keeps the monsters away.

Grave gameplay 1

Broken Window Studios did not announce an official release date for the demo or the donor’s demo, but Broken Window Studios’ Creative Director, Tristan Moore, said that he is going to announce the release date soon.



What fans are really excited for is the Oculus Rift support for the game, and this will make the game feel more realistic and a lot more interesting. Hopefully Black Window Studios will announce the release date of the demo soon.

Abdullah Raza


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