Horror title GRAVE going Next-Gen?

Every year there is a time when a new Horror game comes out. In 2012, the vastly popular Slender: The Eight Pages was released. Following the same Horror Genre, Outlast was released last year, it received a good number of accolades and awards. Although you might think GRAVE is just another horror game but looking at the reception of the game before it has even been released shows you a different perspective. GRAVE has been Ranked 9th among a list of 1,682 titles on the Steam Greenlight which is a good thing as the game is more likely to be out on Valve’s online digital store.


Recently, the game kickstarter released a new set of stretch goals which included a Tease for the PS4 version of the game. If the campaign reaches a goal of $40,000 the developer, Broken Window Studios, promised to port the game to consoles. The campaign ends on 28 April 2014 and the company hopes to reach a base goal of $30,000. With just over $2,000 to go the game is ready to launch on PC, Linux and MAC. Support for the Oculus Rift VR Headset has also been confirmed along with an Xbox One version.

One of the stretch goals among the newly added targets was the port to Ps4 which were added in the last 3 days of the campaign. Along with these other goals include, an expansion in the open world upon reaching $50,000 , an online multiplayer on reaching $60,000 and the ever popular Mystery Targets on reaching $100,000.


To sum it all up, GRAVE is a single player survival horror game which allows the player to immerse themselves in the world of GRAVE as they fight against monsters with light based weapons. The game is unique in a way as the player has the chance to stock up on supplies and even explore the world in the day. We are indeed awaiting its release as this game will give others somewhat of a run for their money. If funding goes as planned, the game is set to release in January 2015, with the support for Project Morpheus VR unconfirmed we will keep you posted to any other news in the future.

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