Gravity Rush 2: How To Acquire Additional Talismans

Talismans is Gravity Rush 2 allow our protagonist Kat to utilize unique abilities and a number of other perks. You do this by equipping up to three of these on your character, which in turn allows you to activate three special abilities at a time.

And while you can unlock these Talismans by purchasing them with Dusty Coins, this guide will tell you how to acquire a large number of them at a time, so that you have a greater variety to choose from during your playthrough.

Similar to how you would farm Precious Stones in the game, you can get more Talismans by going on mining expeditions. Simply head on over to the Banga Mining Boat and talk to the NPC known as Misai, and go to one of the multiple different areas that he offers up on the map.

And while you’re here defeating enemies and mining Gravity Ore, you will occasionally encounter Talisman Stones that you can collect. Take these back to the Banga Mining Airship once more to appraise them, and they should transform into Talismans. It’s that simple.

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Released on 18th January 2017, Gravity Rush 2 is available now on the PlayStation 4. You can also check out additional guides for Gravity Rush 2 here.

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