Gravity Rush 2 – Best Power Ups In The Early Game

In Gravity Rush 2, players take control of Kat, who has the ability to manipulate gravity. During your play through of the game, players will come across several different Power Ups.

These Power Ups can improve your abilities, making you even more powerful than you already are. This guide will help you pick the ideal Power Ups for your play style, and will also aid in deciding which Power Up you should pick up at the early stages of the game.

Before you decide on which Power Up to level up, you must first choose a category which you think might be useful. In Gravity Rush 2, players can choose between a total of 6 categories. These categories include Special Attacks, Gravity Kick, Stasis Shield, Evasion, Gravity Slide, and Fighting Skills. You can access the Power Up menu by going into Options and pressing the Power Up Button.

Gravity Rush 2

Best Early Game Power Ups For Gravity Rush 2:

At the early stages of your play through, you will have to think carefully before purchasing a Power Up. You will not have access to many Precious Gems, that help you purchase Power Ups, until you reach the end of chapter 1. For a guide on how to farm Precious Gems, click here.

Best Power Ups For The Early Game:

  • Harpoon Shoot: This is a very important Power up for the early part of the game, and will also be very useful in the later stages of the game. This Power up helps you counter your enemy’s attack, with an attack of your own.
  • Stasis Field Boost: This Power Up allows you to trap your enemies in place. It is very useful against fast and evasive enemies. The first level will trap up to three enemies making it easier to attack them.
  • Stronger Combo Attacks: During the early stages of the game, players will struggle to maintain a high amount of Gravity Energy. This first upgrade in the Fighting Skill category removes the need to rely on Gravity powered attacks, making it easier to manage Gravity Power attacks.

Gravity Rush 2

Best Power Ups in Gravity Rush 2:

At the later stages of the game, players will have access to plenty of Precious Gems to purchase the more expensive Power Ups. The list below shows the best Power Up in Gravity Rush 2:

Gravity Gauge Recovery Boost:

This Power Up is the final one in the Evasion category, and it will cost you 4,750 Precious Gems. It allows players to dodge enemy attacks at the very last second, allowing you to get right back into the action without having to wait for your Gravity Energy Gauge to recharge.

Shock Wave:

The last Power Up in the Fighting Skill category, the Shock Wave attack, is activated at the end of every combo. This ability allows you to take out multiple enemies at the same time. Shock Wave will cost you 14,700 Precious Gems to purchase.

Energy Reflect: 

The Energy Reflect Power Up is a very helpful ability to have. This Power Up reflects any energy and physical attacks pointed at Kat within a Stasis Field range. Very useful against ranged enemies, this ability will cost you 7,300 Precious Gems, and is the final Power up in the Stasis Shield category.

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All of these abilities are very helpful in Gravity Rush 2. Hopefully this guide helped you pick the ideal Power Ups for your play style. Gravity Rush 2 is developed by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren, and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is available exclusively for the PS4.

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