Gravity Rush 2 – How To Earn And Use Dusty Tokens

There have a lot of new features added to Gravity Rush 2. One of these features are the new Dusty Tokens. The Dusty Tokens are a new currency that has been added to the game.

These Dusty Tokens can be used to unlock cosmetic items and Talismans, which can come in handy during your play through of the game. These Tokens can be earned by taking photos with Kat’s new camera, and uploading them to the game’s server.

Gravity Rush 2

How To Earn Dusty Tokens In Gravity Rush 2:

Once you’ve snapped a new pictures, you can upload them by going into the Photo collection menu and choose the ones you want to upload. Once your done uploading the images, other players will be able to see the pictures you shared. Other players can also leave feedback, and like the pictures. Every like is a Dusty Token, so the more likes your pictures get, the more Dusty Coins you will earn.

You can use the Dusty Tokens that you have earned on in-game items like gestures, cosmetics and more. You can keep track of your Dusty Tokens in the Statistics menu.

Gravity Rush 2 - How To Unlock All Three Gravity Styles

There is tons of content to be unlocked in Gravity Rush 2. For a guide on how to unlock additional costumes for the game’s protagonist, Kat, click here. Gravity Rush 2 is developed by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren, and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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