Gravity Rush 2 Releases On PS4 This December

Revealed back in October 2015, Gravity Rush 2 finally has a release date. Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will be coming to Japan on November 30th, and to the US and UK on December 2nd.

Gravity Rush 2 picks off right were the first game left off and will feature the return of protagonist Kat, alongside all the other main characters from the previous game. The gravity manipulation mechanics will also make a return and will be expanded upon much more, for example, using the PlayStation 4’s touch pad, players can now switch between 3 different gravity styles, the original, Jupiter and Lunar. Each style has it’s own unique powers and effects.


Fans of the series will also be happy to know that, prior to the game’s launch, Sony will also release an anime series named Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture. The anime series will be produced by Studio Khara and will act as a prequel to the second title, and will help bridge the time gap between games.


Gravity Rush 2 is also going to be a considerably larger game than the first, featuring over 3 times the missions and a game map that is 2.5 times larger. The final game is expected to be around 20 to 40 hours long.

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The original Gravity Rush was one of the earliest titles to release on the PlayStation Vita and received outstanding reviews. In fact, it became so popular that the developers were prompted to release an enhanced port for the PlayStation 4 called Gravity Rush Remastered, which came out in early 2016.

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