Gravity Rush 2: How To Farm Precious Gems

In Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems are a very important resource for our protagonist Kat, as they allow her to purchase various upgrades for her gravity powers.

And while these items are absolutely littered around the game world, obtaining them in bulk is another matter in itself, and can prove to be quite time consuming. This guide will show you how players can mine large quantities of Precious Gems, and where they are located.

To do this, players will need to take on what are known as Mining Expeditions. Simply head on over to the Banga Mining Boat and talk to the NPC known as Misai, at which point he will offer up multiple different areas that you can go to to mine.

Head on over to the mining sites Misai tells you about and there you will find large quantities of Gravity Ore deposits, that drop Precious Gems when Kat attacks them.

Keep farming these areas until you’ve had your fill of Precious Gems, but keep in mind the Mining Population stats located to the right of each Mining Site. The larger the number, the more gems you can collect.

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Released on 18th January 2017, Gravity Rush 2 is available now on the PlayStation 4.

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