Gravity Rush Remastered Screenshot Comparison Shows It Is Not A Simple Remaster, Upgraded Lighting & More

Gravity Rush Remastered is now available in Asia and Japan for the PlayStation 4. This remaster was made by Bluepoint Games and judging from the early screenshots and footage that we have seen so far, it looks absolutely beautiful on the PS4.

Bluepoint Games have previously worked on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and this is their second remaster for PS4. Since we have already seen the extensive work that Bluepoint Games did for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, it should be no surprise to expect the same from them for Gravity Rush.

Now that the game is out in the hands of some lucky users, we can get an idea of the graphical upgrade for Gravity Rush from its original Vita version to the PS4, and it is definitely a huge leap which shows that it is not just a simple remaster.

NeoGAF user N30RYU has shared some of the comparison screenshots between both versions of the game. You can see these screenshots in the slider below.

Just like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, lighting has been completely revamped for the PS4 version of Gravity Rush. This can be clearly seen in this shot from the opening of the game. Notice how bland the Vita version looks here compared to the PS4 version of the game.

[twentytwenty]3e3GRNr DdedZKQ[/twentytwenty]

The upgrade is not limited to lighting. Textures have been worked on throughout the game. In addition to high quality textures, the character model of Kat has received some extra work and now sports much higher polygon than the Vita version.

[twentytwenty]5tGtRCU jJVLSt8[/twentytwenty]

The improvements are not limited to textures only as foliage has been added as necessary to locations, which can look barren now compared to the PS4. The game also renders at native 1080p and uses an anti-aliasing solution that helps in reducing shimmering and jaggies, resulting in a cleaner looking IQ.

[twentytwenty]BbWDncy x92wNjX[/twentytwenty]

It is definitely impressive to see how Bluepoint Games has handled this remaster on the PS4. They have basically completely transformed the game from its original Vita release to the PS4.

If you are a Gravity Rush fan, we definitely recommend on picking up the PS4 version of the game, even if you have already completed it on the Vita.

Let us know what you think about this screenshot comparison in the comments below.

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