GRIP’s New Update v1.1.5 Has Improved Several Tracks

GRIP has finally received its new update, v1.1.5, which has brought about several changes and improvements to the game. The update has improved a number of racing tracks, making the game smoother.

GRIP is an action combat racing game that takes you back to the Rollcage games of 1999/2000. Packed with heavy weapons and blistering fast cars, this game is a treat for everyone. GRIP is available on Steam for just $15.99.


Several racing tracks have been improved. A lot of terrain has been smoothed out in Alhatra Wastes, resulting in the removal of the blind hump prior to the radio tower. Also new rock formations and structures have been added as well as a new ramp spline. But overall the performance of the track has reduced.

Major changes have been made in the Transport track. The corner directly after the exit of the first tunnel in forwards has been removed. Some obstacles that caused frustration have been removed while some structures and ramps have been added. In the Yuri Industrial track, the first corner on the left route in reverse mode has been improved and some ramp assets have been added.

Lastly the FIC Outpost has been improved overall. Major parts of the terrain have been smoothed, for example the entrance into the cave tunnel. Some habitant structures, like blue buildings, have been added to the track and there is now improved collision in many areas.

Players have also reported several issues with this new patch. Do let us know what you think of this update in the comments below!


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