GTA IV’s Liberty City Will Soon Be Playable In GTA V

Great news for GTA V players on the PC, as Liberty City will soon be playable in GTA V. The city will be available as a mod, and is being developed by mod team OpenIV.

The OpenIV team said that they have been working on this mod since GTA V came out on the PC. They also stated that Los Santos is not being replace, instead, Liberty City will be placed across the ocean from the Lost Santos Airport. OpenIV released a trailer for the upcoming mod:

This mod will require players to own both, GTA IV and GTA V, to avoid any legal issues. If you own both the games, you will have to download a tool which will extract Liberty City from GTA IV. This will create a DLC pack, which will patch into GTA V and Liberty City will be added to GTA V. Sadly, the mod team did not announce a release date for the mod.

GTA V Import/Export update GTA IV Liberty City

Rockstar Games recently added new content to GTA V. A new bike and game mode were added to the game for players to enjoy. New double GTA$ and RP events were also announced, which allows players to get tons of cash and experience while enjoying the game.

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With all the mod support both GTA V and GTA IV are getting, these games will keep PC players busy for months. These mod tools give mod developers a lot of freedom, and the possibilities are endless.

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