GTA Online: How To Trigger Alien Egg Supply Run, Solve Mount Chiliad Mystery

GTA Online gets constant updates and tweaks from Rockstar Games and in a recent update, Rockstar Games has finally decided to add the long awaited Mount Chiliad Mystery culminating the 5 years of search that had the fans of a wild goose chase.

The Mount Chiliad Mystery was finally uncovered by modding the game to trigger a mission that showed the crashed Alien ship in the world of GTA V. The requirements to trigger this certain mission without having to mod anything in the actual game have now finally been uncovered by the fans.

The discovery was shared on the Chiliad Mystery subreddit where user SSj5_Tadden shared the requirements for triggering this mission.

Requirements to trigger…

It appears that (brace yourself) the player must have:

601 completed gunrunning sales (the check is for 600 but 601 to be safe lol)

And then start a supply run between:

21:00hrs and 23:00hrs

Yep, it really is that simple. But considering the amount of time it takes to do 600 sales means that this isn’t an easy thing to achieve. (We’re trying lol)

And to top it all off, this mission is a one time thing!! Once triggered it won’t happen again, so make the most of it lol or just watch our video and save yourself the time haha

As horrible as it sounds, you can always watch the video made by the user below to just see it in action. Honestly it is nothing special and doesn’t appear to come closer to any of the past high quality easter eggs from Rockstar Games.

GTA V is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. GTA Online is a part of GTA V that features free updates and DLCs while offering micro-transactions in the game.

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