GTA Online Beach Bum Update Now Live For Xbox 360 [Update]

Rockstar recently stated that a free new update will hit Grand Theft Auto V for its GTA Online component. This update will issue a number of patches and will fix bugs (hopefully all) currently found in GTA Online. Along with the fixes and patches, this new update will introduce a lot of new content to be added.

All the new Beach Bum content will be added automatically to GTA Online through our next title update (1.06), and will include two new weapons, a quartet of rugged and fun new vehicles for land and sea, lots of new action-packed Jobs, plus a wide variety of suitably rad new apparel, hairstyle and tattoo customization options.

Apparently the title update is now live on the Xbox 360 and carries the size of 64MB. You’ll be prompted to update as soon as you launch the game on your Xbox 360.

In addition to the update, Rockstar also hinted that new story mode DLC will also be announced soon. With the new update and the Stimulus package released, Rockstar are now free to work and release new content for Grand Theft Auto V. Fans are eagerly awaiting to hear the news about new story mode DLC. Till then, you can keep yourself occupied with GTA Online and do more jobs with the new content that has been added.

UPDATE: The update is also live on PlayStation 3 with EU PSN carrying the size of 74MB.

Have you updated to 1.06 title update yet? Are all the issues you were facing gone? Let us know in the comments below.


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