GTA Online: Festive Surprise Update Brings New Adversary Mode

It’s the holiday season in GTA Online, and just like last year, Rockstar Games has released the Festive Surprise update for the game.

Not only does the update bring the once a year snowfall phenomenon to Los Santos, but this time around we also get the brand new Adversary Mode, Juggernaut. In this mode two teams face off against each other in a team deathmatch variant with the main objective being to eliminate the opposing team’s Juggernaut.

These Juggernauts are hulking, slow-moving units that are equipped with a minigun, and are your greatest assets in the game mode. It is the job of the attackers to strategically flank and execute the opposing unit while defending their own, because losing your asset means the end of the match.

If both teams are unable to wipe the other’s Juggernaut within the time limit, the match goes into Sudden Death and everyone becomes a Juggernaut. From here on out, the first kill determines the winner of the game.

To celebrate the launch of Juggernaut, Rockstar Games is also offering double GTA$ & RP in the mode from now through 1st January.

New Trailer Released For GTA Online Deadline

You can also check out the recently released Deadline mode for the game, that introduces a new Tron-like Racing mode to the game.

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