GTA Online Update Brings Race Creator And The New Entourage Mode

Rockstar Games has now released a brand new update for Grand Theft Auto V. This update brings with it the Stunt Race Creator and a brand new Adversary mode called Entourage.

Since the release of the Cunning Stunts update back in July, the developer has delivered a total of 27 stunt races as well as multiple new vehicles, clothing, tattoos and much more. With the launch of the Stunt Race Creator, players can now build and share their own custom stunt races, with a choice of the the usual race types, Standard, Rally, GTA, and Non-Contact Stunt Races.

The creator comes with newly refined tools to better help with creation, as well as over 250 new props for the players to use. Rockstar has also been kind enough to share a useful guide on how to use the Stunt Race Creator, which you can find here.


The new Adversary mode, Entourage, will require a team of bodyguards to transport a well-armored and armed target to a specified extraction point, while the rival team must try and assassinate the target before they can reach their destination. The extraction point and all the assassins will only be visible to the target on their radar, so proper communication will be crucial.

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Lastly, from now till 11th August, the Entourage mode will reward players with double GTA$ and RP. All the new new Tattoos and Stunt Clothing will also be avaliable at a 25% discount.

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