GTA V Online Halloween Update Drops This Friday

Rockstar Games is celebrating Halloween with the fans by releasing a Halloween update for GTA V Online. The Halloween update will be released this friday, and will add new content to GTA V.

This Friday, Rockstar Games will be releasing a new update for GTA V which will be adding new content to the game for the Halloween Season. The previous update added new vehicles, game modes, the Motorcycle Club (MC) and a lot more to GTA V Online.


This upcoming update aims to do the same, as it will be adding a new vehicle and a new game mode to GTA V Online. After downloading the update, players will be able to purchase a Halloween themed version of the LCC Sanctus with a red-eyed skull on it. Along with the new vehicle, the update will also add a new game mode to GTA V Online called Lost Vs. Damned. In Lost Vs. Damned, players will be divided into two teams consisting of Angels and Devils.

This new deathmatch will have its own day/night cycle that will transition every minute. During the day, the angels will be at an advantage as they will have increased armor, health regeneration and better weapons, however, at night, the devils will have the upper hard with the same bonuses as the angels during the day.

Rockstar Games is also bringing back all the in-game items from last year’s halloween event, along with tons of new items to celebrate the holiday.

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Rockstar Games also revealed that players who log into GTA V Online will be receiving $250,000. So start up GTA V Online for to receive the money now. GTA V’s Halloween update drops this Friday on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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