GTA V PC Early Bechmarks And Impressions: Runs Smoothly Even On A Mid-Range PC

GTA V is now out on PC and as the game is getting unlocked worldwide, we are getting more impressions about the PC version of the game on a wide variety of hardware.

GTA V looks to be one of the best port done by Rockstar Games on PC. It was originally released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 and then later ported to the PS4 and Xbox One. PC users had to wait a long time to play the game, but the wait might be worth it after all, based on the early impressions that indicate a great port from Rockstar Games.

The game has been tested on a wide variety of hardware so far and most of the impressions are solid, stating that the game can easily run on 60 fps and above on a mid range rig at 1080p resolution. People who have high profile cards like Titan and GTX 980 in SLI can also easily max out the game at Ultra HD (4K) resolution.


Check out some user impressions of the PC version from reddit and NeoGAF.

Runs 50 FPS average on my 8 GB, Phenom II x4 965, GTX 760 2 GB machine MAXED at 1080. Very well optimized. Load times are much better than they were on my 360.

I have a 660ti, never go below 60fps and have my textures set to very high. Some other settings are set lower, but it still looks incredible.

It runs mostly maxed out at 60-70 FPS in downtown areas with my GTX770 and an i7 3770k, and it looks absolutely wonderful.

I have a 670 2GB and an i5 3570k and I’m getting 60 with lots of unplayable dips and the settings are only on high.


All settings are at highest possible and I’m running smooth with framerate locked at 60 FPS (v-synch on)

CPU i7 920 (stock)
GPU Radeon 770 GTX 4GB (OC’d edition)
12GB DDR3 1333
500GB Samsung Evo SSD

I have a GTX 860M, i7 4810, 8GB RAM, installed to SSD and getting a pretty solid 1080p, 30FPS.

For those wondering about its performance in SLI, it is actually pretty good for a new game released on PC. If you are having issues with it, make sure to download the latest “Game Ready” drivers for GTA V on PC.

980 SLI
4790k @ 4.7
16GB’s of RAM

All settings maxed. No MSAA though. FXAA enabled.

140+ fps in doors, out doors 60-140+.

i7 4930k @ 4.5ghz
2x GTX Titan X
Samsung EVO SSD
ROG Swift Monitor (144hz, 2560×1440, Gsync)
Samsung 4k Monitor

I have everything maxed playing at 4k. With MSAA 4x, my fps never dipped below 90.

GTA V is out on PC today. It is also getting a new mode exclusive to PC called Rockstar Video Editor, which allows you to make professional looking videos from the game.

Let us know your experience with GTA V on PC in the comments below.

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