GTA V PC Graphics Options Detailed, Includes Tons Of Customization And In-Game Benchmark

GTA V is going to be released on PC on April 14 2015. It has been delayed about two times now and after a long wait, it is finally being released for the PC.

As it is expected from a Rockstar Games release on the PC, GTA V is full of customization for its graphics including the option to tweak the population density and variety. You can check out the full detailed graphics options in the screenshots below (via PCGamer).


gta-v-pc-graphics-option (3)

gta-v-pc-graphics-option (2)

Video memory slider:
Ignore suggested limits option:
DirectX Version Output monitor: 1-3
Anti-aliasing: FXAA, MSAA and Nvidia TXAA supported.
Pause game on focus loss.
Texture quality: normal to very high.
Shader quality: normal to very high.
Shadow quality: normal to very high.
Reflection quality: normal to very high.
Reflection MSAA
Water quality: normal to very high.
Particles quality: normal to very high.
Grass quality: normal to very high.
Soft shadows options: softer, softest, AMD CHS, Nvidia PCSS
Post FX options: up to ultra.
Motion blur strength: scaling bar.
In-game depth of field effects: on/off.
Anisotropic filtering: up to x16 .
Ambient occlusion options.
Tesellation options.

Advanced graphics
Long shadows: on/off.
High resolution shadows: on/off.
High detail streaming while flying: on/off.

It also has a in-game benchmark for testing the performance of the game. If you want to take a look at the system requirements, you can check them out from here.

GTA V was originally released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. It was later ported and released for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 and it is finally being released for the PC on April 14 2015.

Let us know what you think about these graphics options in the comments below.

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