GTA V for PC in testing from June 2013

Rockstar has not even provided us with a hint that the latest and greatest installment of the infamous GTA series will land on PCs. Each passing day provides us with more leaks and rumours but there is still no official word from either the developers or publishers when (or even if) this game could be enjoyed by the PC gamers.

Despite the complete silence on this topic by the developers, a recently leaked document shows that the game was in development for PC from as early as June 2012

The file is infact an internal bug-log detailing issues faced by the rather lucky testers of GTA V beta builds from April 2009 to August 2013.

The 150-page document, which was leaked as a XML file, contains more than 170 references to PC development bugs, including notes regarding DX11 support, 64-bit system testing, and a “lastgen” version of the game.


According to PC Gamer, “the log confirms the date of every major control system overhaul, with internal deadlines leading up to press showings. There are annotations from Rockstar developers like programmer Robert Schmitz and senior level designer Kenneth Ross, and references to proprietary Rockstar management systems.”

GTA V is currently exclusive to consoles and after almost eight months since the console launch, the game has not been confirmed for PC despite more than 650,000 petitions calling for a PC versions.

So do you think this just confirms that GTA V finally coming to PC? Let us know in the comments

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