GTA V profile pops up in the latest AMD Catalyst Drivers

Its been almost 5 months since GTA V was launched on consoles but there is still no word from Rockstar about a PC version of the game. They have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a PC version of the latest game in the controversial GTA series despite  more than 650,000 petitions for a PC version of the game.

There have been some hints that Rockstar is infact porting GTA V to PC but the anxious PC gamers are still in the dark about any details. Let’s recap some of the major leaks  about the PC version of  GTA V

  • The first hint was given by Nvidia. They might have back-tracked on their words but they certainly set sparks to the gasoline.
  • Then there were hints of a PC version in the making when people unearthed references to DX11 and other PC related code in the console version’s XML files of the game
  • More hints appeared in the companion app
  • Then came a rather cryptic reply when asked about the PC version on twitter
  • Earlier this month, a Digital Distribution site claimed that the game will be coming to PC on the 12th of March.



Now a member of the Guru3d forums who goes by the name of ”ELCID777” might have found the biggest proof that GTA V might be coming to PC very soon. In the latest AMD Catalyst 13.30 Beta drivers, “ELCID777” has found the driver profiles for GTA V.


It might be interesting to note that the profile also appeared in an earlier version of the driver but it was subsequently removed.

So a “leaked” release date of march and now the driver profile appearing the AMD Catalyst Drivers. Is this all a coincidence or we will be playing the latest Grand Theft Auto  on our PCs very soon. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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