GTA V Story DLC Still Not Confirmed As The Game Sells More Than 54 Million Copies

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Rockstar Games has revealed the latest sales figure for GTA V and they are a big jump over the last announced number. As we heard about the sales of GTA V last time, they were over 52 million after the game’s launch on PC. They have managed to sold more than 2 million since the last announcement, bumping the number up to 54 million.

Rockstar Games also refused to talk about any story DLC for the game, even though there have been plenty of rumors regarding a potential story DLC for the game. These rumors have been started by the main voice actors of Michael, Franklin and Trevor in GTA V. Since GTA IV received two story DLCs during its lifetime, it is not unreasonable to expect the same from GTA V.


In addition to this news, Rockstar Games has revealed that the series has now shipped more than 220 million units worldwide (via ZhugeEX). This makes it one of the best selling series in the history of video games.

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