GTA V trailer was running on PS3, Rockstar confirms

GTA V’s gameplay trailer released yesterday, exciting a great number of gamers. Rockstar North has confirmed that the footage was running on a PlayStation 3.

This is what Rockstar officially said: “Just to clarify for those asking, this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game.”


This has caused Sony ‘fanboys’ to assume that the PlayStation 3 is the superior console in this case. The fact that Sony and Rockstar have made a deal for a GTA V PS3 bundle and a GTA V themed Pulse headset, further fuels their argument. Furthermore, the game will come in two discs for the Xbox 360, while the PS3 version will only require one. An 8GB install is required for both consoles. In any case, I think everyone can agree that this game is going to be mind-blowing on every platform.

In the highly unlikely case that you missed the GTA V gameplay trailer, you can watch it here.

Thanks OPM.

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