GTA V’s Upcoming Import/Export Update Involves Stealing Cars And More

Rockstar Games has announced the next update for GTA V Online. The upcoming Import/Export update is themed around stealing expensive cars and selling them.

The upcoming update will expand on the Finance and Felony add-on and aims to introduce a ‘new series of criminal pursuits’. The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion gives players the power to become CEOs of an organization. Now with the upcoming Import/Export update, players will be able to obtain, customize and sell exotic vehicles and make money.

This update will give players a new and interesting way to make money. The Import/Export update will be adding new warehouses where players will be able to store their vehicles. The executive office buildings are also being upgraded, as players will be able to build executive office garages that can be up to three stories high and store up to 60 vehicles.

Rockstar Games recently released an update for GTA IV. The update was released for the PC, and added tons of new options and fixed a lot of the bugs that the game had previously. For more information regarding the update, click here.

Rockstar Confirms Continuous Stream Of Updates For GTA Online

Rockstar Games has announced that the Import/Export update will be coming out this month, however, they did not announce an exact date for its release . The update will be available for free on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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