Guerrilla Games Dev: Killzone [series] is all about graphics and gameplay

Killzone series is always well known and remembered for its graphics and unique gameplay elements. The original Killzone might not be popular but Killzone 2 really opened a lot of people’s eyes with its dazzling graphics, during its original reveal at Sony’s E3 Conference. Sure, the original reveal might not be real-time gameplay but the devs came close, and even surpassed some elements in their final retail game.

Both Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were always talked about for pushing their graphics and technology a step further on PlayStation 3. I am sure all of us might have remembered the animated gif of a Soldier getting shot from Killzone 2. Killzone 2 and 3 are always remembered as being critically and technologically acclaimed shooters on PlayStation 3.

The focus of the game on graphics and gameplay continued with even its first proper portable entry entry i.e Killzone Mercenary. To date, Mercenary holds the record of being the best looking first person shooter on a portable hardware. Not only it utilized real-time reflections on various surfaces, it also utilized forward render instead of deferred render. There was just a lot of magic at work for Killzone Mercenary and according to Guerrilla Cambridge, who ported it o VITA, they utilized the Killzone 3 engine and changed and tweaked it according to VITA’s hardware specifications.

Now that Killzone: Shadowfall is finally going to launch on PlayStation 4. We are seeing similar pattern here. It’s original reveal at E3, which was actually real-time this time around, impressed  a lot of people. Killzone: Shadowfall is one of the biggest launch title for PlayStation 4 and is always heralded as a technological masterpiece. To think that the devs actually started work on it by taking the original 4 GB RAM limitation on mind, it looks far more impressive.

Talking with VG247, Guerrilla Games Developer Eric Boltjese said that they always wanted Killzone as a launch title and hence work started on it about two and half year prior to launch of PlayStation 4.

“We knew pretty early on that we wanted to be a launch title,” Boltjes explained. “We knew it was inevitable that there was going to be a new platform, so quite early on – about two and a half years ago – we said ‘You know, we want to be a launch title. We want to be on the next-gen console.’

He then later added

“The reason for that is that Killzone is all about the graphics and gameplay, obviously [laughs]. But being able to do that on a new platform was just an amazing chance, I mean, we really wanted to get in there and we wanted to get in early.”

From this statement, we can see that even Guerrilla Games agrees that Killzone to them is all about the gameplay and graphics. We can see this in almost every entry in the series from the portable ones to the consoles.

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