H1Z1 Will Feature A New Weather System

Every Zombies fan is excited about the upcoming Zombie sandbox survival game, H1Z1. But no one is more excited then Sony Computer Entertainment’s President, John Smedley. Smedley has been tweeting a lot about the game and has revealed that they are going to reveal something ‘big’ next week. He said, “We do have something rather big planned for H1Z1 next week. not ready to tell just yet though”

Smedley continued talking about the game and talked about its weather effects. He stated that he was very happy with how the weather effects work and he claimed that a weather system like H1Z1’s weather system has never been seen before. He said, “Just got to see our weather system in action too. really liking the realism,” and then he tweeted a screenshot of the weather system in action and the screenshot revealed that the clouds that move from one place to another and in the game, it only rains where there are clouds. Smedley also said that the rain will have effects other then just making your character feel cold. It will also put out fires so place your camp fires carefully.

H1Z1 weather

A fan asked Smedley about the day and night cycle in the game to which Smedley replied that the day and night cycle’s basic system has already been implemented and now they are working on the advanced system.

Sony have not announced the official release date for H1Z1 but have said that the game will be released this year and will be available for the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

Abdullah Raza


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