Hackers Still Attacking PlayStation Network Users Through FIFA Exploit

This isn’t the first time PlayStation Network users have fallen victim to Hackers. In the past, PlayStation Network users have been subjected to DDoS attacks, credit card theft and much more. But these hackers aren’t only targeting PlayStation Network users this time. Xbox Live users have complained about being hacked too.

A Reddit user revealed, his account was hacked and the hacker used his credit card to buy himself $50 worth of FIFA points. Some of the users who have been hacked don’t even own FIFA. The hackers are targeting both, the PlayStation users and the Xbox users. But the main concern is the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Network users have been having these problems for a while now and Sony has yet to comment on this topic.

A user replied by saying, “This has happened to many people, and always with FIFA. Resolve the case with Sony first. If you do a chargeback with your credit card company, then Sony will likely ban your account. Also, use a unique (not used on any other website) complex password for your PSN account.”

Sony hasn’t said a word related to these hackers and the hacking continues. It is Sony’s job to make sure that their user’s personal info is properly secured, but they fail to do so time and time again. This has been an issue for quite some time and people who have been exploited finally take a stand and try to put an end to this. But Sony hasn’t done anything to stop these hacker’s attacks. Maybe Sony has heard about the issue and are working on it. All we can do is hope for the best and hopefully no one else falls victim to these hackers.

Abdullah Raza


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