Hackers Claim To Have Cracked Nintendo Switch Security

Nintendo Switch is a brand new console that launched just last year but it might not have as great security as its competitors, the PS4 and Xbox One. While the other two consoles have been out on the market for close to 4 years now, Nintendo Switch is still fairly new but despite this, hackers are now claiming that they have successfully cracked the security for the Nintendo Switch.

If you have started your gaming with the PS1 or the other Nintendo handhelds, you might be familiar with hardware based mods that allowed them to play pirated games or run homebrew. The same thing is now being claimed for the Nintendo Switch which falls right in line with the previous Nintendo handhelds including the Nintendo 3DS, all of which were hacked successfully and able to run pirated software or homebrew.

The new hacking claims are from Team-Xecuter who tease a method that lets them bypass all security for the Nintendo Switch letting it run unsigned code. This method is apparently running on all the current firmware updates and will be hard to block through potential security updates. The video below shows the alleged hacked Switch running a custom code using this method, which the teams plans to release in Spring 2018.

Sometime opening a console to run unsigned code can result in some good coming out of it, like the ability to run emulators and other homebrew apps, however the hackers that are releasing this exploit are going to profit from it by selling it as a means of piracy device, which is something that not only is morally wrong, it shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. As it stands though, we can only wait for the release of this hack to see what kind of carnage it brings along with it.

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