Hades By Supergiant Games Price Hike Makes It Controversial In Epic Games Store Mega Sale

Epic Games Store Mega Sale is offering an unbeliveable discount on some current games like Hades and upcoming games like Control. Basically, in addition to being on sale, they are also offering $10 off the regular price to any game that is a part of this sale.

Hades by Supergiant Games was one of the games that were a part of this Epic Games Store Mega Sale. It had a 15% discount at the base price of $20 which meant that it started with a price of $7 USD with the Epic Games Store discount. The developers decided to increase it further and made the base price at $25 USD. This was higher than the previous base price which was $20 USD.

After fans discovered this changed, Supergiant Games reverted the price back to $20 USD and dropped any discounts which meant that it dropped to $10 USD in the latest sale, but this whole episode has still left a bad taste and impressions for those who were interested in getting Hades. It is worth mentioning here that the $10 discount given by Epic will be funded by them and not taken out of the revenue made by Supergiant Games, which is what makes their reaction a little confusing here since they willingly participated in the sale.

Supergiant Games had stated in the past that the game might get an increase in price after the early access period has ended, and this has been the case for most games that leave early access. They did it prematurely here, even if they said they would announce such changes in advance, in order to avoid low price during the ongoing Epic Games Store sale which started the whole controversy in the first place.

Even though Supergiant Games has reverted the price back to its old value, the internet rarely forgets and this has started a whole backlash against the developers for attempting to bypass the sale in the first place.

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