Why Half Life 3 is important to gamers

There are many games out there, many FPS franchises which feature unique playability and content. This year we received the long awaited BioShock: Infinite which really did a great fan service and gets back to its roots. It had the first protagonist in the series to feature voice acting along with a NPC on the side. Even after such games and franchises we still can’t forget about one, Half Life. It’s been well over 6 years now since we last saw any new release after Half Life 2: Episode 2. Fans have been holding on to that hope that Gabe Newell will finally announce Half Life 3.

What makes gamers want Half Life 3? Why do they want it so badly? It is a question that at one point one person who has not been involved deeply into the series would ask seeing another person and his/her interest in the series. Many have answered that ever since the original Half Life came out, it redefined the FPS genre, with its story driven experience and was very less linear compared to the games on the market at that time. But most of the gamers I have to, read their opinions, conducted polls on my behalf have mostly answered with one thing: What happens next?

It is a question you would be asking yourself too. If you have played Half Life 2 and its following episodes namely, Half Life 2: Episode 1 and Half Life 2:Episode 2, then you know the feeling of being on edge during the ending of Episode 2. There just isn’t enough information available to leave the gamers with the satisfaction of making up their own ending. Also seeing Episode 2’s ending suggested strongly that it is not over and will be continued. Questions like who is G-man, how did Eli know him as well? How will this all end?

Dr. Gordan Freeman has been the iconic character of all time for many gamers, his crowbar wielding skills are second to none. Half Life 2 introduced us to Eli Vance’s daughter Alyx Vance, whom throughout Half Life 2 and its episodes, gamers could connect the dots at subtle romance and connection between the two. Obviously Alyx is interested in Freeman. Lacking a voice or a way to show emotions, it is hard to say if Freeman feels the same, but that’s why gamers become Freeman and choose themselves even if the options are not present in game. That’s how deeply the game affects the psychology of a series’ lover, in a good way that is.

Episode 2 brought us new enemies, great continuation of the story and a deadly, edge of the seat holding, fist clenching of a cliffhanger. Originally released for PC, the franchise also saw release for the consoles as well in the form of The Orange Box. Valve has released other titles in the wake of Episode 2, like a nice surprise Portal was and how Portal 2 took both the story, gameplay and voice acting to a whole new level. But such games can only keep a gamer’s mind off from Half Life 3 for so long.


Recently we received information that in UK, Half Life 3 trademark has been registered which was followed by more confirmation from JIRA, Valve’s internal tracking tool, that a group of people were assigned to be working on Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. NeoGAF user, angular graphics. complied a neat list of the people working on which game, which you can check out here. However there is still no official confirmation from Valve and this leak only sparked that dormant wish and happiness all over again. Although the trademark appeared to be fake all along and was removed from the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM) website.

Valve has been busy with their recent announcements about SteamOS, Steam Machines and a revolutionary type of controller, moving away from the traditional analog sticks found on gamepads these days, the Steam Controller. People are speculating that Valve was waiting for next-gen consoles announcements as well as their own OS, machine and controller to be announced first before bringing in the news about Half Life 3. We know that Half Life is too big of a franchise with a fanbase stretched over to millions to just simply let it die without a proper closure.

With the famous headcrabs, crowbar action, playing with Dog and his comically exaggerated battle sequences, dune buggy experience and that spine chilling Ravenholm experience along with countless more, people can’t forget about Half Life any time  sooner. Do we really need it for the story to reach its conclusion only? Or do we have hopes that it can bring a change to the over saturated FPS market these days?

We only wish that Valve starts counting above the number 2 and bring the fans what they want.

You read our opinion, what’s yours on this subject? Why not share with us in the comments below.

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