Halo 5 Forge Mode Coming To PC In September For Free

Earlier today, 343 Industries confirmed that the long-awaited Halo 5 Forge Mode will be coming out for the PC in September.

Forge Mode is a level editor tool for Halo 5: Guardians, which allows fans to create their own multiplayer levels. Forge comes with its own pre-made assets and effects that can be used to make these levels. Forge mode includes items like walls, platforms, trees, and more, that can be used to create custom maps.

Halo 5 Guardians Forge Mode 1

The Forge mode will have a stand-alone version for the PC, which will be available in the Windows Store. This version of Forge will feature mouse and keyboard support, as well as up to 4K resolution.

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Both, Halo 5: Forge and the stand-alone Forge mode on PC, are connected, which means that players who create a level in Forge mode on their Xbox One and access it on their PC, and the players who have created a level on the PC can access the map on their Xbox One. Players can also test out the maps with up to 16 players.

Halo 5 Guardians Halo 5 Forge Mode

Halo 5 Forge Mode will be release alongside the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians DLC called Anvil’s Legacy. The DLC will be adding new features, as well as two new maps, new weapons and weapon attachments, and new armor skins. Halo 5: Forge and the Anvil’s Legacy DLC will be coming out on September 10th.

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