Halo 5: Guardians gameplay footage showcased at E3 2015

343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross took to the stage at Microsoft’s 2015 E3 press conference and revealed the first ever campaign gameplay footage for Halo 5: Guardians. The footage showcased team-based cooperative gameplay in a sandbox environment that Halo fans are well familiar with.

The video of the footage can be seen below.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”av-N5smXFpw”]

Despite running at 60 frames per second, Halo 5: Guardians looks great with dynamic lighting and a showcase of particle effects. The demo level showed Agent Locke and his squad working together to overcome challenging odds. The firefights appear to be just as engaging and intense as what we’ve come to expect from the Halo series.

Stay tuned for further updates on Halo 5: Guardians.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Reviews Editor at GearNuke

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