Warzone Firefight is Halo 5’s biggest update yet

343 industries have given Halo fans a sneak peek of whats going to come in the latest Halo 5:Guardians update. The free DLC is called Warzone firefight, which will allow for 8 players to work together across multiple maps, where they will endeavour to complete five rounds of difficult objectives, all against a timer, in order to succeed.

Players will also be greeted with a Warzone boss refresh, along with three new maps, new achievements, armor, weapons, vehicles, a new Forge canvas called ‘Tidal’, with additional Forge updates to complement the map. There will also be a new Campaign Score Attack, which allows players to earn points, and up to 50 medals.

Halo 5

Out of the three maps revealed, it seems the one labelled ‘Prospect’ has been detailed by 343 Industries.

On Prospect, players get dropped immediately into a mining facility and are tasked with attacking the defenders that lie within. A key opening strategy is to take advantage of various flank paths hidden in the terrain to gain the upper hand. The level itself is layered with strategically-placed scaffoldings, plenty of cover, and well-worn trenches, all designed to give players on both sides of the battle more options to take the fight to their opponents, whether they are pushing the objective or holding the line at the Core. Speaking of which, defending that Core now has more options than before. On Prospect, players can focus on power weapons and rush, or opt to try open the gates open to get vehicles in to support ground troops. All in all, it’s an exciting new opportunity to evolve the nature of the Warzone Assault game type, and we’re eager to see what new strategies and tactics begin to emerge when your boots hit the glassy ground in the near future.

The full update will be coming to Xbox One, and the Halo 5: Guardians’ Forge system will be released on Windows 10 this year. There won’t be a full port available for Windows 10, but the new ‘Forge – Halo 5:Guardians Edition’ will be coming to the system, and will players will be able to play custom games with their friends.

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