Halo 5 Retains The Highest Number Of Active Users Since Halo 3

Recently, Halo 5 temporarily went free for Xbox Live Gold members as a part of the free play days promotion. The sudden upsurge in the number of players who downloaded the game during this time, effectively launched Halo 5 into the no. 6 spot in the most played list on the Xbox One.

Andy Dudynsky, community manager for Halo, revealed this information in a reddit post in response to questions about the game’s position in regards to how much it was played. According to him, Halo 5 has the largest monthly active users in the franchise’s history since Halo 3, and this is even before the free days promotion.


According to the post, not only does Halo 5 retain the largest number of active users, the game is also seeing an increase in the number of players with each passing month over the past few months. That was all Andy Dudynsky had permission to say but he did go on to mention that the game has quite a “strong army”.

Halo 5: Guardians came out on October 27, 2015 and it introduced quite a few changes to its gameplay such as the addition of Spartan Abilities, a thruster system and a much needed iron-sights system, referred to as the smart-link. The game’s multiplayer has also received praise for being some of the finest in the franchise history.

Halo 5 was also constantly supported by free expansions, the most recent of which came out on June 29th. You can find our coverage of the expansion over here.

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