Halo 5 Warzone Firefight Update Is Now Live

Halo 5’s largest expansion since launch is now live on Xbox One. It is the most content heavy update ever released for the shooter and it is free for all owners of the game.

The expansion is named after the new mode present in the update called the Warzone Firefight which was previously tested back in April as part of an open beta. Among this mode will be the new enemy boss, the Grunt Goblin, and a usable aircraft named the Wasp. The update will also contain three new maps, Attack on Sanctum, Prospect for Warzone and Molten for Arena. Also included are new REQs including the Cyclops and cinder armor sets as well as new weapons and vehicle variants among other things.

Apart from multiplayer content, the update also adds a new Score Attack mode to the campaign as well as a new Forge canvas called Tidal.

Warzone Firefight is the latest of many free expansions including Wild Hog, Memories Of Reach, Ghosts Of Meridian, Hammer Storm, Infinity’s Armor, Cartographer’s Gift and The Battle of Shadow and Light. 343 Industries also mentioned that Halo 5 would stop receiving free expansions in June so it’s probably a safe bet to assume that Warzone Firefight is the last one.


Finally as part of the Free Play Days promotion, Xbox live Gold members can now download and play Halo 5 for free until July 5th at which point it will return to it’s default price.

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