Halo Co-creator on Bungie continuing the series after Halo 3: “would have done something different”

Halo Co-creator and “Father” of Master Chief, Marcus Lehto, answered fan questions on the anniversary of Halo: Reach.

Lehto worked at Bungie from 1997 to 2012 as a Creative Director. He was last reported to work on Destiny for a few months after leaving to start his own Indie studio called V1 Interactive.

There’s some really neat information for Halo fans here giving an inside look at the game’s development.

He was immediately asked about the what if scenario that keeps Halo fans up at night which involves Bungie still making Halo games. Lehto was asked how he would have continued the series after the events of third game.

343 Industries, the folks in charge of the series now, changed things around with Halo 4 that some fans loved while others hated. Lehto continued:

I have the utmost respect for 343 and what they did with the Chief’s story. Sure would have done something different, but that’s in the past

On where the “Combat Evolved” tagline came from for the original game.

On if Bungie ever planned on the player being able to fight against AI Scarabs:

On cut content:

On what happened to Jun after the events of Reach:

Favorite Spartan:

Bonus banter with Destiny 2 Game Director Christopher Barrett:

There’s a lot more interesting stuff in the full thread here.

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