Halo Franchise Director Comments On Loot Box Rumor For Halo 6

Halo is one of the most popular and important IP for the Xbox One that Microsoft currently has in its possession. While the series stumbled with some controversy surrounding the launch of the Halo: Master Chief Collection, it also disappointed with Halo 5: Guardians for some fans, especially after the marketing campaign promoted a story that was nowhere to be seen in the actual game.

Considering the importance of this franchise to Microsoft, it won’t be any secret that Halo 6 is long in development and ripe for an announcement soon, however there has been no official comment regarding this matter so far. The only recent rumor was regarding the next Halo getting a multiplayer mode offering a huge number of players, which some speculated could be its own Battle Royale mode.

Another rumor has now cropped up regarding the upcoming Halo 6. This rumor comes from a source which previously leaked Xbox Elite Controller and details surrounding the Project Scorpio (now Xbox One X). This source states that Halo 6 was supposed to get loot boxes however after the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2, the developers are now reevaluating the loot box system.

While this rumor has to be taken with a grain of salt, Halo series franchise director, Frank O’Connor, was quick to comment on the rumor in a post on the resetERA thread. It was a rather safe comment however it certainly nips the rumor right in the bud.

This is bunk. We’re not reevaluating anything (significant) and “Microsoft” isn’t designing anything for the next game – 343 is. We watched the EA battlefront thing with the curiosity you’d expect – but our current req system is player focused and well liked and unintrusive as far as these things go.
We have made zero announcements about our next projects and continue to work on our next game and technology with player’s needs and interests in mind.
However the story as loosely presented as it is – has no bearing on or relation to any current efforts.
I suppose you could say “company x is evaluating feature you” and always have some grain of truth, but we are neither aping nor adapting an unrelated system from another game.
This follows an equally vague rumor about an issue with our engine, which in fact is counter to significant ongoing improvements and evolution of our tech.
If there were some nugget of truth to both, I’d just ignore it. Development is rife with normal examples of both of these “stories” but in this case there aren’t even notable small examples that this could have been based on.
Certainly in the future we’ll be evolving our systems and tech and maybe these general and vague statements will have brief applicability. But right now? Nah.

Microsoft will have its E3 Press Conference this June so if you are hoping to hear about the next Halo, it might get revealed soon along with potentially more upcoming projects from Microsoft’s first party studios.

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