Halo: Master Chief Collection Download Size For Each Game Revealed, 87 GB Combined

Halo: Master Chief Collection has received its 4K update today that, among other major improvements to the netcode, also implements support for HDR and a higher resolution. As expected, this is a large update on the Xbox One and it is essentially requiring you to download the full game again since the download size requirement for the update is around 73 GB, even if you have it installed in full.

One of the new features in this update is an intelligent install system that will let users install either of the games available in this collection without having to download the whole package. This means you can download your favorite Halo game without having to keep the rest on the hard disk and enjoy the multiplayer as well.

As for the download size, the cumulative download size after installing the update for the whole collection is around 86 GB. The individual download size is also listed below, in case you want to know how much hard disk space is required for your favorite Halo games. Halo ODST is not a part of this package but it has also received a small update today to coincide with this patch.

  • Halo 1: 3.5 GB
  • Halo 2: 44.1 GB
  • Halo 3: 11.7 GB
  • Halo 4: 18.8 GB
  • Halo ODST: 8.2 GB
  • Total – 86.9 GB

If you want to pick the games to install for this update, go to Options > Settings > Gameplay > Change Installed Games and uncheck any games that you don’t want to install in the collection.

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