Halo Wars 2 is getting another beta, says Microsoft

If you missed out on the first Halo Wars 2 beta, which ran June 13th to June 23rd, you won’t have to worry much. The game is getting another open beta, Microsoft confirmed.

The RTS sequel’s second beta will be available ahead of its February 2017 release, and will be held ‘closer to launch’ according to GameSpot. This beta, unlike the first, will be playable on both Windows PC and Xbox One. However, it will not have cross-play because the game does not support it.

halo wars 2 armies

The site also states that Halo Wars 2 will have a new game mode with the beta, although it hasn’t specified what the mode will include. Domination and Deathmatch were two of the game modes available with the first beta. A release date for the second one has not been announced.

Halo Wars 2 was unveiled during Microsoft’s briefing at E3 as a ‘Play Anywhere’ game, meaning that if you purchase it on the Xbox One, it will also be playable on Windows 10.

The game is officially set to release in February 2017, after it was originally supposed to be available in 2016.

What do you think about the latest announcement by Microsoft? Will you be looking to participate in the second beta? What were your thoughts on the first? Let us know in the comments below!

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