Harada: 2-3 New Titles To Be Announced This Year, No Tekken; Comments On Tekken Revolution For VITA

Katsuhiro Harada is the creator of Tekken. Earlier, it was announced that he will reveal 2 new titles this year. Harada has now confirmed on twitter that he is indeed planning to announce 2-3 titles but they are not Tekken or related to it. He says that any potential Tekken announcement is still a secret. He also comments on a port of Tekken Revolution on VITA.

When a user approached him on Twitter to ask about Tekken Revolution for VITA, stating that it should be ported since the game has been downloaded 2 million times – since he promised that if the game is downloaded enough times, they might port it to VITA – Harada had the following to add.

2.5million now. But it’s not enough. Because its FREE game title. Tekken series retail version sales = over 44million, over 300 million each time.

Another user asked him about the 2 new announcements, that he will make this year, hoping that they might be related to Soul Calibur and Tekken. Harada didn’t really dismiss an announcement related to Soul Calibur but stated that Tekken project is a secret for now and is not counted among these 2 announcements.

Probably I’ll announce New 2 or 3 titles in this year. But it’s not TEKKEN. TEKKEN announcement = secret now!

Tekken Revolution is a f2p title released exclusively on PlayStation 3. Recently, Namco Bandai seems to be experimenting with f2p games as evident by their recent announcements. They released Ace Combat as a f2p title and also did the same with Tekken and Soul Calibur. It is unclear on what their future intentions are for now.

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