Harvest Moon Games Rated For PS4 By ESRB

Harvest Moon is a popular farming simulator that mixes RPG elements with a slice of life gameplay. The series has received two games on the PS2 and judging from the updated ESRB ratings, these games are set to be released for the PS4 through emulation.

If we go to the ESRB site for these two games, we can spot the rating for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition and Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland for the PS4.

These games were originally released and rated for the PlayStation 2 and it appears that the rating has been updated to add PS4 to the platform as well, confirming that it is set to release a PS2 for PS4 release, which is basically an enhanced emulation release with trophy support.

While there is no official announcement for them, we can expect them to release soon as the same happened with Destroy All Humans! which was rated for the PS4 by ESRB and then later made available for purchase on PSN.

Let us know if you are excited for these upcoming Harvest Moon games in the comments below.

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