Here’s How The Bootup Looks Like On A Retail PlayStation 4 [Update]

Cjcool804 is one lucky individual who received his PlayStation 4 early. He has been sharing all kinds of details with us on twitter. He has just uploaded a video of the PlayStation 4 booting up. From what we’ve seen, the boot up looks exactly the same as the boot up of the PlayStation 4 demo units found in stores. The bootup greets you with a relaxing background music until you are signed in to your dashboard.

You can watch the video below:

From what is shown, the boot up looks similar to the boot up of PlayStation Vita. Also after the bootup, we get to look at how the start screen is for the PlayStation 4. Quite frankly the animations are looking fast and fluid.

You can check out the PlayStation 3’s boot up below for comparison with the PlayStation 4’s boot up and the dashboard/XMB.

UPDATE: The bootup video has since been taken down by Sony Computer Entertainment America on the basis of copyright claim.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information about the development of this news.

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