Here’s A Comparison Between The DualShock 4’s Lightbar: Brightest To Lowest Settings

Now that the new PS4 firmware update allows us to lower the DualShock 4’s Lightbar intensity, it is time to see how dim the lowest settings can go.

I decided to compare all three of the settings, from the highest (“Brightest”) to the lowest (“Dim”). You can check out the comparison in the images below.

And here is a comparison GIF, that shows the difference.

As can be seen in the comparison above, the difference is there, even if it doesn’t seem to be much at first. This new intensity settings can perhaps help increase the battery life of DualShock 4(Update: yosp clarified that it isn’t the case, the battery life will remain the same), which has been terrible, especially if we compare it to DualShock 3.

What do you think about these new settings? Are you happy with them? Let us know in the comments below.

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