Here’s What The Comparison Looks Like Between Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Game Boxes

Recently GameStop contacted their customers who had pre-ordered PlayStation 4 games from them to pick them up from the retail store. Gamers went rushing in to the store to finally get their hands on some next-generation awesomeness even though the consoles itself are yet to be launched.

Enthusiasts who wanted to show us waiting gamers how the games looked like from the inside, did a little unboxing video for the feast of our eyes. The unboxing showed that this time around PlayStation 4 games don’t contain manuals, the boxes (as shown before) are translucent blue and from what it looked like, PlayStation 4’s game cases are actually the same size as PlayStation 3’s game cases. However, when compared to the Xbox 360 game cases, the Xbox 360 game cases are taller than the rest of them.

You can see the pic of the comparison between the three game cases below:


You can now also see that Sony this time went with complete inlays for the PlayStation 4’s game cases that cover the whole case unlike the PlayStation 3’s game cases which had an empty transparent strip at the top of the case. Other than that the PlayStation 4’s game cases and PlayStation 3’s game cases are identical in everything.


The Xbox One’s game cases will be similar to a standard blu-ray case in terms of height which means they are quite similar to PlayStation 4’s game cases. Which means that gamers can stack up their collection nicely next to their current-generation collection of video games.

What do you think about the game cases and how their sizes stack up against each other? Which game case do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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