Here’s What You Get For Being A PS Plus Member For 5 Years

PlayStation Plus subscription originally started all the way back in 2010 for the PS3. It offered free games and exclusive discounts and demos for the PS Plus subscribers. It wasn’t until the release of the PS4 that Sony changed its policy around PS Plus subscription and made it mandatory for online multiplayer on the PS4. Despite this, the service has continued to offer discounts and free games each month.

If you were a PS Plus member since its inception, you should get a special printed plaque from Sony for being a loyal PS Plus member. Reddit users hovercraft and Hanfi shared their printed plaque that they received from Sony for being a subscriber of PS Plus for 5 years. You can see their personalized plaque’s below.

ps-plus-5-years (1)

Sony has yet to confirm the upcoming games lineup for PS Plus for the month of February 2016.Judging from the tweet of Crypt of the NecroDancer developer who is releasing their game on the first Tuesday of next month, which usually reserved for PS Plus games, they won’t be a part of the upcoming lineup.

PlayStation Subscription is currently required on the PS4 if you want to enjoy online multiplayer. You can get PlayStation Plus subscription for 3 months to a whole year for around $49.99. This subscriptions includes online multiplayer on PS4 as well as 2 free games each for PS3, PS4 and Vita every month along with additional discounts on games on the PlayStation Store.

Let us know if you have received similar plaque from Sony in the comments below.

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