Here’s What Would Happen If Bloodborne Was A Shooter Instead Of An Action RPG

Bloodborne is an action RPG for the PlayStation 4, but it also has the potential to become a shooter if the players can utilize the in-game weapons to their maximum.

Reddit user datbighat shows his character build that is focused on maxing out the bloodtinge stat for the guns and other firearms. He has uploaded a video showing the gameplay in over the shoulder mode (close to first person but still third person camera) and we can see him shooting the enemies, and it honestly looks epic! Check it out below.

datbighat has also revealed the character build that he used for the video, and you can check out his build and stats in the image below.


The best part about Bloodborne is the freedom to use the character builds of our choice, and this video proves that the game does a good job with it. This is usually the best feature of the Souls series and Bloodborne seems to continue the trend here.

Bloodborne is out now exclusively on the PlayStation 4. It was developed by From Software in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

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