Here’s What Lucky PlayStation 4 Owners Got In Goodie Bags Handed To Them At Launch In UK

PlayStation 4 has been officially launched nearly worldwide. Sony has closed two of the biggest regions successfully with the launch of the PlayStation 4. Now we wait for February when the PlayStation 4 will be officially launched in Japan, Sony’s home ground. We’re assuming Sony will be planning something big with the PlayStation 4 launch in Japan as well.

But let’s get to the matters at hand, some lucky PlayStation 4 owners also were showered with a lot of PlayStation goodies dubbed ‘Goodie bag’. These bags came with a variety of amazing stuff such as a T-shirt and a slap-wrist band USB. The full list of the goodies received are:

  • A poster
  • A “PlayStation Hearts Indies” T-Shirt
  • A Slap-wrist band with “PS4” printed on it which doubles as a 4GB USB drive.
  • A lanyard with “PS4” printed on it.

Check out the image of the goodies below (courtesy of Redditor,  Hartyy who got it from Tesco UK)

goodie1 goodie2 goodie3PlayStation EU Blog did mention that they have goodie bags to give away for those who will be attending the launch event in UK. Sadly the goodie bags were only available for UK residents and weren’t made available anywhere else in Europe.

Were you one of the lucky ones to grab a goodie bag? How was your experience at the launch event? Lets us know in the comments below.


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