Here’s the newest trailer for Telltale’s Batman episodic series

As previously reported, Telltale had posted details regarding release months for the physical versions of Batman: A Telltale series. Today the studio has uploaded a new trailer of the Dark Knight, and what the first episode has to offer.

From the trailer, we are given glimpses of what to expect in the debut episode, such as being able to control the perspectives of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. We are also introduced to Bruce’s acquaintances and friends, including the likes of Harvey Dent, Vicki Vale, Carmine Falcone, Commissioner Jim Gordon, and of course, Alfred J. Pennysworth. We also get a quick peek at Catwoman.

We’ve also got a release date for the first episode, August 2. It will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and iOS and Android devices.


While we’ve already reported that a physical version of the game will be available in September, it is important to note that Telltale are not waiting till the entire season is complete, before retailing. Only the season pass will be included with the disc, so you’ll have to manually download the remaining four episodes as Telltale releases them periodically.

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